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nice concept.. specially liked the crushed car one !!!!!

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Not in love.

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You'll meet someone soon, I know you will... just be patient... it will happen, you'll find love.

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I think it's a case of too little too late for that client, but fair play for trying. This campaign would have worked in a world without Google, which is obviously how it was created. All the agency needs to do now is bribe the Barbadian ISPs to block Google and they've got a hit.

[edited score to a 7 given fresh info below]

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I work for the client though I'm not involved in the local campaign. Great comments. Google will always be the elephant in the room but clearly this is a case of "we're not in Kansas anymore". When one considers the local market landscape with Caribbean internet penetration sitting at less than 24% (June 2010), the current high reliance amongst advertisers on local radio, television and newspaper and the limited-to-no outdoor advertising campaigns running, I believe this campaign will attract attention, further build brand recognition and even throw some traffic to print/online products because it steps outside the box for the Barbados market. The media formats and the featured Yellow Pages verticals the campaign promotes are non-traditional, for any market. Not restaurants & lawyers, but surf shops and fences! Refreshing.

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I did a YP/Google compare on surf shops, and YP came out front for clarity and, well, only having 3 results, compared with 209,000. Surely there's a whole heap of potential in that very fact, despite the difference in listing charges between YP and Google.

I did fire off my earlier flippant comment without loading it with the information on internet accessibility/coverage/use and, on balance, would have to bring up my 'score' such as it is. The primary call to action makes no mention of digital and only at the end is the URL used. Given the geographical 'situation' for this campaign, it would have been very useful to learn a bit more about the limitations involved before people had to read my tired kneejerk. And I get your point about the fresh choices in subject matter. Thanks cpowell649 for the added info.

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I think in a market where internet penetration is no where near that of the the US, and guerrilla marketing isn't yet mainstream, this has the potential to be very effective. Lets all try not to forget that great marketers play into the capabilities and resources of their audience, not themselves.

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Simple but it's time for a new business idea Yellow book Google has the world market.

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Not very good.

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Sorry Guys seams very dated for yellow pages.

Here's the best yellow pages stuff i've seen in a while. Only scored a silver in integrated at Cannes but deserved more.


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Guess someone like the campaign. Global Directories/Barbados Yellow Pages picked up 8 awards at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) ADDY awards for the “Hello Yellow” campaign.

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CuriousPencil, you know!!! I think the same.

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