You Are Not Alone: Tease & Reveal, 1

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March 2018 You Are Not Alone: Tease & Reveal, 1


Mental illness is a struggle that faces millions. There are various reasons people struggle with mental illness (health, fear, abuse, pain, etc), but one of the common threads is that people that struggle with it feel alone.

Imagine if you or someone you know struggles with mental illness… in a public space, it may not be something you’re comfortable admitting. The one thing you do know is that you feel alone, and your perception is that no one understands. Then, you see a billboard or poster with an image of a unhappy/melancholic face seeming to share in your struggle with the word “ALONE” clear as day. You’re not sure what it’s for, all you know is that you can relate to it… you feel the same way, and at some level, it’s nice to know other people are in the same boat as you.

You start asking around, trying to figure out what’s with the “ALONE” billboard, you find your answer, and realize, “You Are Not Alone." Thanks to Logic and other big names like Glenn Close, we were able to put this campaign together, and ask the question,

Outdoor advertisement created by Outfront Studios, United States for, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


You Are Not Alone

Advertising Agency: OUTFRONT Studios, Atlanta, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Eddy Herty
Additional Credits: Harris Schwartzberg, Andy Sriubas, Jamie Valencour, Max Siegelman, Carly Zipp
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