Dumb & Dumber

November 2016
Trump Fiction: Dumb & Dumber
Trump Fiction: Dumb & Dumber
Trump Fiction: Dumb & Dumber


The idea for this guerilla campaign came out of the fact that life during this American election has become stranger than fiction. So we wondered what would happen if we literally mashed up Trump with well-loved fictional stories: Dr. Strangelove, Dumb & Dumber, Humpty Dumpty, Thelma & Louise, and The Shining. The result are a series of illustrated movie posters that also serve as cautionary tales. The ads were covertly installed last week in multiple locations around NYC.


No brainer
Nominating them = Dumb
Electing them = Dumber

Art Director: Alex Reinoso
Illustrator: Alessandro Echevarria
Copywriter: Nick Elliott
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