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May 2020

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Christ the Redeemer gets a mask against covid-19 Projection on one of the world’s most iconic monuments took place this Sunday and is part of a campaign to encourage the use of masks as a way of preventing the new coronavirus. Used by many people on the streets of Brazil and the world today, a mask also covered the nose and mouth of the largest Brazilian icon: Christ the Redeemer. Part of the Todos pela Saude (All for Health) initiative, an alliance of health experts created with the objective of combating the new coronavirus and its effects on Brazilian society, the action highlights the importance of protecting everyone when leaving home and amplifies the message #MascaraSalva (#MaskSaves). The projection took place between 19h and 22h this Sunday (May, 3rd). “The Redemptive Christ presents itself once again as the ultimate symbol for the formation of a collective conscience for the preservation of life”, said Father Omar, rector of the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary. The use of protective masks has been one of the main recommendations of authorities to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. The measure is in line with recent medical studies that prove the high transmission capacity of asymptomatic people, making it essential to use protection even for those who do not have fever, cough, headache or sore throat. Thus, the initiative is important to reduce the levels of contamination in social contact. The action was developed and executed by ad agency Africa, responsible for promoting Todos pela Saude’s (All for Health’s) projects and initiatives. Todos pela Saude (All for Health) The campaign to encourage the use of masks is part of the Todos pela Saude initiative, created with the objective of combating the new coronavirus and its effects on Brazilian society. Comprising four axes - informing, protecting, caring and resuming - the initiative ranges from guidance and enhancement of existing initiatives to the purchase of health equipment, training of health professionals and purchase and distribution of inputs. Itau, the largest bank in Latin America, directed US$ 200 million to finance the creation and activities of Todos pela Saude. The funds are being managed by a group of specialists led by doctor Paulo Chapchap, doctor in surgical clinic by the University of Sao Paulo and general director at Hospital Sirio Libanes, one of the largest in Brazil. This team is already defining actions to be financed, so that strategic decisions are supported by technical and scientific premises.

Outdoor advertisement created by Africa, Brazil for Todos pela Saude, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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