A Word Kills - Knife

April 2017
Syndicate of Journalists: A Word Kills - Knife


Due to the significant role the media plays in shaping public opinion, in monitoring and accountability, in conveying the truth to the public professionally and objectively which the media have lacked for decades and in order to contribute to control media developments, the need for media charter of honor has become necessary for signatories to commit to and to govern the function of the newly-founded media institutions.

Outdoor advertisement created by Art & Design Academy, Egypt for Syndicate of Journalists, within the category: Media.


One Word Can Kill.. & Another Revives
Media Charter of Honor

Advertising School: Art & Design Academy, Egypt
Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters / Photographers: Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Kamal, Nourhan Taha
Additional Credits: Abeer Hassan Abdo
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