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July 2011
SunSmart:  Cut Out
SunSmart Outdoor Ad -  Cut Out


Outdoor advertisement created by Cooch Creative, Australia for SunSmart, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer.
Free 30+ sunscreen
There is nothing healthy about a tan
Protect yourself 5 ways from skin cancer

Advertising Agency: Cooch Creative, Perth, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ron Samuel
Creative Director / Copywriter: Ron Samuel
Art Director: Spencer Battista
Copywriter: Mick Colliss
Art Director: Aleisha Zappia
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Divvya Prakash
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Creative Director at Newdelhi
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Roger Keynes
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Copywriter |

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Will Think for Salary

ace85le's picture

I like it. Impactful and interesting.

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HKV's picture

i agree too... its nice

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studioblossoms's picture

Conceptual and neatly done :) I feel instead of man's hand a woman's hand would have suited more...for a neatly manicured hand would have made more 2 cents

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blossoms, 2010, bramha chambers, 3rd floor, tilak road, sadashiv peth, pune 411030. Maharashtra, India
Phillhb's picture

Great idea, but i could see it being abused

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atb2005's picture

I agree with Phillhb and that's why I think this is totally fake. It's nice though. Still, that "there is nothing healthy about a tan" is one of the most ignorant statements ever made.

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but still cool interaction idea

btw, lotion dispenser...wheres Curious Pencil for the commentary?

Ron Burgundy
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Art Director at Southern California
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Thumbs up from me.

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Web Designer/Developer
NataliaLima's picture

I just love when a good idea is also very useful.

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Rotzgoht's picture

Nice. But I also see masturbatory homeless man being exceedingly thankful. Ick.

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Mixed feelings. Interesing solution but don't know if I'd be sticking my hand in there. Hope it works of course.

Activity Score 46
Graphic Designer
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Divvya Prakash
Activity Score 23
Creative Director at Newdelhi
Divvya Prakash's picture

cool ..nice1

Divvya Prakash
Activity Score 23
Creative Director at Newdelhi
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