Splitting Heads

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April 2011
Stopache:  Splitting Heads
Stopache Outdoor Ad -  Splitting Heads


Brief Explanation: To develop mindshare for an emerging headache pill brand in a highly competitive market.

Describe the brief from the client: To promote STOPACHE as the perfect solution to migraine, we show the extreme pain that it causes.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: We created a 3D installation that looks like an ordinary poster. As you move to the side, you realise that the poster is in fact cut to many different parts. Bringing a great deal of attention to the perfect solution: STOPACHE. The poster targeted people in one of the most chaotic places around i.e. shopping centre. It was installed near pharmacies and inside the supermarkets.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: More than 10,000 visitors saw the poster. The poster created a lot of buzz and word of mouth.

Outdoor advertisement created by Y&R, United Arab Emirates for Stopache, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE
Chief Creative Officer: Shahir Zag
Creative Directors: Shahir Zag, Kalpesh Patankar
Art Directors: Kalpesh Patankar, Shahir Zag, Umran Shaikh
Copywriters: Shahir Zag, Kalpesh Patankar
Photographer: James Day
Planner: Matthew Collier
Account Director: Shaik Shibli

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Would have been better if they stuck only to the head, makes no sense ripping the hair and neck and lips off for a headache.....

Miss Copywriter 22
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