Resurrected Nets

May 2021


80% of the plastic found on The Trash Island comes from abandoned fishing nets.

Roaming the seas for so long, they end up killing marine life and releasing microplastics.

And since this year’s Olympics will be hosted by Japan, a country surrounded by sea and with a strong fishing tradition, we saw an opportunity to go in.

At the greenest Games ever, we will steal the spotlight from the athletes: removing these nets and turning them into the official ones of The Olympics.

And encourage fans to not only cheer for their countries, but for the Planet.

Sorry athletes, but this time Earth will win.

Outdoor advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Spain for Sport4Climate, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Art Director: Leandro De Torres
Copywriter: Leire Jauregibeitia
Copywriter: Martim Braz
Tutor: Alvaro Palma
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