Hockey player

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June 2009
Sol:  Hockey player


Producer: Jane Mill

Photographer: Stephen Langdon

Outdoor advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand for Sol, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: SAATCHI & SAATCHI NZ Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O'Sullivan
Creative Director: Luke Chess
Copywriters: Slade Gill, Dave Govier, Paul Coghlan
Advertiser's Supervisor: Clare Morgan
Planner: David Mcindoe
Account Manager: Saya Tran
Account Director: Daniel Thorn
Account Supervisor: Mark Cochrane
Art Directors: Stephen De Wolf, Levi Slavin
Production Company: Reload
Production Co Producer: Catherine Maccormick
Design: Nick Smith
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peperaton's picture

hahaha!!! good idea

Activity Score 8
morse's picture

Haha! Cheerleader fail.

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Art Director |

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federo's picture

like the idea

i have doubts about photoshop work

Activity Score 781
advertising agency
everartz's picture

total disaster!

Activity Score 7613
Art Director |

| everartz |

NatalieM's picture

Ha, are those Amish people in the background?! Wow!

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Topolewski |


Guest's picture

Can't tell if the cheerleader on the left suppose to be hanging off the barbed wire? Her arm positions sure seem like she should.

Guest's picture

I burst out laughing when I saw this ad. One, yes although it is a far fetched idea it is pretty funny. Two, I really cant get over the photoshop work. I know it's pretty much a broken record here to say crap photoshopping - but this does take the cake! AND here is why: all of the people each have different lighting and shading, the shadows are different, the arm isn't aligned to the top of the fence, and none of them are really in proportion! The cheerleading on the ground is just hilarious, looks like she has been skewed into place! (and I do think those people are in fact Amish lol) I completely agree - looks like a comp layout.

peperaton's picture

hahaha!!! good idea

Activity Score 8
dreamer_'s picture

la idea no es mala.. aunque la resolucion gráfica no es la mejor

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Art Director at UADE
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