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August 2012
Social & Environment:  Hutong


When the”拆“is gone, our traditional culture is left behind which will meanwhile help keep the precious culture heritage of our Chinese people. The red Chinese character”拆” literally means ”taking down the building etc” which is now expressed in one traditional Chinese embroidery(silk thread) in our work.
The black Chinese characters “胡同” “弄堂”“骑楼”is one kind of well known Chinese architecture in Beijing /shanghai /guangzhouwith long history. We are inspired by the whole process of pulling the silk thread. When you pull the silk thread, the “拆“will be gradually gone which will eventually leave us the complete”胡同”“弄堂”“骑楼”.

Outdoor advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Social & Environment, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Shanghai, China
Creative Director: Jianyong Zhu
Art Director: Yangang Wang
Copywriter: Lili Su
Illustrator: Yanjie Wang
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