Americans abroad, vote!

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October 2016
SF: Americans abroad, vote!
SF Outdoor Ad - Americans abroad, vote!


Over 7,500 kilometres away from the American election a Danish party takes a stand with a single bus advertisement and urges Americans living abroad to vote. In Denmark alone 8,714 Americans are able to vote and the Danish Socialist People’s Party have their eyes literally rolling at one of the candidates.
This year’s American election has a large impact on a country such as Denmark and when the election turns into a circus the Danish party sees it as an opportunity to provide a tongue-in- cheek comment from across the Atlantic.

Outdoor advertisement created by Uncle Grey, Denmark for SF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Copenhagen, Denmark
Strategic Director: Carsten Bülow
Account Director: Madeleine Naesborg
Creative Directors: Jimmy Blom, Thomas Ilum
Senior Art Directors: Lukas Lund, Simon Naver
Art Director: Carl Angelo
Copywriter: Sophie Hotchkiss
Film: Mathias Nielsen
Retouch: GreyWorks
Seeding: BeOn
Media partner: Out of Home Media
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That's crazy fun! :)

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Funny stuff

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Love the bus art.

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That's crazy fun! :)

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