The Ugly Duckling

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April 2013
Scrabble:  The Ugly Duckling


This poster was written to prove the infinite amount of words you can get combining the alphabet letters when playing Scrabble. We tok the classic tale The Ugly Duckling "El Patito Feo" and using the exact same letter, from the title and the story, wrote a completely different tale: "Pelotita Ofe", Little Ball Ofe. As an example, if this poster was written in English, a different tale using the same letters of The Ugly Duckling could have been "Cudy The Gull King". "Pelotita Ofe" tells the story of a little ball called Ofe (short name for Ofelia) that opposite to the Ugly Duckling, goes from pretty to ugly after she goes on a diet because she finds out that she is fat.

Outdoor advertisement created by Ogilvy, Guatemala for Scrabble, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Guatemala
Chief Creative Officer: Ramiro Eduardo
Creative Director: Herberth Monterroso
Copywriter: Desire Cojulum
Illustrator: Sua Agape
Art Directors: Fernando Mira, Christina Irving-Bell
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Very targeted.. Nice job.
Can't imagine anyone checking if this is accurate.. And if it would be... then you guy's in Guatemala have way too much time on your hands.

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