Contaminated drinking water

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October 2009


Outdoor advertisement created by M&C Saatchi, Australia for Save the Children, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


We must make this a thing of the past.
Contaminated drinking water
Mandera, Northern Kenya c. 2009
Don't miss this unique exhibition.
Southern Cross Station. 3-12 July.

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Steve Crawford
Art Director: Murray Bransgrove
Copywriters: Sandra Galiazzo, Doogie Chapman
Photography: Paul Torcello
Retouching: Ed Croll, Julia Cornelius
Account Service: Chantelle Warren, Bree Woodhouse
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nepstein's picture

Really? You put a black boy in a cage?
Good idea, but stay away from putting minorities in boxes...

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Parsons School of Design
Guest's picture

Usually first ideas are pretty basic, the same happens with first thoughts. You should think a little more before considering a black kid in Africa as part of a minority.

Guest's picture

a black boy is hardly in the minority in kenya. i think you miss the point.

nepstein's picture

Is this ad running in Kenya? No. It's running in Australia.

I didn't miss the point, I'm playing devil's advocate.
If you think that no one is going to interpret this image in an offensive manner than you are very naive.

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Parsons School of Design
Guest's picture

So from your POV many of the Amnesty ads should only run in African countries?

nepstein's picture

What? Of course not, how did you even arrive at that conclusion?

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Parsons School of Design
Guest's picture

very nice loving it

mikeelrapido's picture


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hagemony's picture

good concept!

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zaina's picture

the beauty of this design it is related to the real world and that is why it affect the audience in both emotional and the intellectual level. great design

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Graphic Designer at designing agency
silvi's picture

But is this a print piece of an ambient idea? I don´t understand.

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Sherif Hany's picture

the Copy Write..SAVED it...
without the copy write...this ad would be a Catastrophe

Sherif Hany
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Producer/Director at Founder of Comrades Communications & Advertising
bluebritfan's picture

i love it! simple idea which works better! the ones that don't understand it are simply stupid.

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Advertiser, Copywriter
Guest's picture

At first, it's shocking but the wooden plate and the copy saves the ad. it's excellent.

You can find mistakes on every ads, no ads perfect.

Tiwai's picture

Good idea, strong in visual idea...though the glass case looked 'paste' in...

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Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci
rolling.stone's picture

cruel reality

best of the bunch, good campaign

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