March 2013
Prince Media Co:  Pro-Billboard
Prince Media Co Outdoor Ad -  Pro-Billboard


We are a billboard company, and wanted to launch a "Pro-Billboard" campaign on our available boards. With the campaign we wanted to (a) remind people that billboards are a classic, old-school advertising medium... we did this by using vintage text and imagery; we also wanted to (b) show how we believe billboards should be used - BOLD short quips of text combined with STRONG images that communicate the message without the copy, even!; (c) finally we wanted to leave these boards unbranded... they were not about us, but more about the medium - its history (vintage), and a functional application for it! The boards are located in Downtown Manhattan.


Says little, does much. Billboards.

Advertising Agency: Prince Media Co, USA
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Philip Kafka, Byron Appel
Art Director: Al Rojas
Photographer: Byron Appel
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