Very Comfortable, 2

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October 2017
Parachute: Very Comfortable, 2


Essential brands company Parachute has partnered with agency Office of Baby to develop their first brand campaign, Very Comfortable.

So much of the messaging people see today is about going faster, being more productive, and getting a lot done. Parachute is the opposite. Parachute Home makes extraordinarily
comfortable sheets, towels, robes and most anything soft and wonderful. They are about comfort and lying around and enjoying the more relaxed moments of life. The new OOH seeks
to bring people into this soft beautiful world while they are riding on the subway or walking on city streets or in generally less comfortable places.

This campaign underscores that the sheets are so comfortable people won’t want to get out of bed, with headlines: “500 more minutes,” “Meeting invite. Declined.” There’s no place like bed “Get dressed never.”

The campaign launches with a promotion with Lyft—taking the idea of very comfortable sheets one step further—giving people the opportunity to indulge in extreme comfort, and put their commitments aside, at least for a few extra minutes.

By typing in a coupon code with your order, Parachute offers you the luxury of sleeping in while Lyft gives you a free ride to your office.

Outdoor advertisement created by Office of Baby, United States for Parachute, within the category: House, Garden.


Just 500 more minutes.

Advertising Agency: Office of Baby, New York, USA
Art Director: Kelsey Shang
Copywriter: Nathan Frank
Creative Director: Michael Hagos
Photographer: Chloe Aftel
Producer: Connor Hall
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Caiozzo
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