For More Humane Juvenile Justice

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February 2018
National Network for Children: For More Humane Juvenile Justice


Currently over 10 000 juveniles in Bulgaria are victims of the 60-year old Law on Combating Antisocial Behavior of Minors and Juveniles. It deals with offenses such as escape from home, begging, stealing food. Some children are sent to penitentiary institutions where they are often deprived of education, psychological help and medical assistance. Also, in Bulgaria there are a couple of correctional boarding schools that are still functioning.
The campaign “For more humane juvenile justice” demands a new law to be passed, the closing of the correctional boarding schools and the incorporation of new measures, alternative to incarceration.

Outdoor advertisement created by Reforma, Bulgaria for National Network for Children, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


For candy theft. Some children are put behind bars. Support the "Make juvenile justice more humane" campaign at

Advertising Agency: reforma, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Toshka Ivanova
Art Directors: Miroslav Krustev, Yanitza Dimitrova
Copywriter: Maria Stoilova
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