50th Anniversary, 2

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August 2014
Michigan State University:  50th Anniversary, 2


Outdoor advertisement created by Extra Credit Projects, United States for Michigan State University, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Extra Credit Projects, Grand Rapids, USA
Creative Director: Rob Jackson
Art Directors: Chad Hutchison, Aaron Sullivan
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This billboard has many elements that that stand out to me. The centerpiece Undoubtedly is the 3D beaker popping out alongside the top overachieving the rectangle space. The interesting shade of green used as the medicine and the fact that the item is used to present the "50" year is a great hook for the viewer. Commemorating the 50 year anniversary of Michigan State University is an excellent opportunity to position the school as a preferred educational investment. It resonates experience that translates into trust, pride that translates into added value to this particular institution, and intention to stay. The simplicity in the art and the information provided is appropriate and suffices to get the message across. I liked the professional font and design. This reflected the values of intended audiences. The prestigious, serious and elegant imagery is a brand personality trait that is a valued characteristic within medicine school students, their parents, or investors. Mission accomplished.

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