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April 2015


Outdoor advertisement created by Twiga, Russia for LizaAlert, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TWIGA, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Michael Elagin
Art Directors: Alexander Smirnov, Grant Abovyan
Designer: Tatyana Volkova
Account Director / Manager: Nino Purtseladze
Media Director / Manager: Alyona Bylbas
Strategic Planner / Strategist: Nikita Petrusev
PR Director: Sophya Gelman
Agency Producer: Vardan Martirosyan
Production Company / Post-production: Streetart
Event Production: TWIGA
Аudio production: EGOPRO
Sound engineer: Andrei Kosirev
Аnnouncer: George Watts
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grugee822's picture

great campaign..

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grugee822's picture

great campaign..

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I'm not in love with the idea, but I guess it did work.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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After watching the LizaAlert commercial I felt it was very moving. The facts provided were helpful and was able to impact the audience by the numbers and information given. A big way to get the audiences interest in an ad is usually involving a child because of their innocence and many can relate even if they don’t have a child of their own. LizaAlert did a great job in doing the time glass and the little girl inside it because it went viral and it made people open there eyes to how many kids are being affected and need their help. The idea had people stopping and staring and taking pictures because it moved them to change their behavior and do something about it. The little girl looks so realistic for a second I thought it was a real child. The results of what they did gave a whole 360 turn over and great results. For example toward the end they showed the child that was missing, and for the positive behavior it turns out the child was found immediately. The part where the map was showing was also a helpful way to see how exactly it is they track the places to look and the goal they have for this years search. One suggestion would be to add perhaps the same idea in other places so more people can know about it and help out in any way possible.

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I think it worked.

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It's nice

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