Wind-up truck

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April 2010
Lay's:  Wind-up truck
Lay's Outdoor Ad -  Wind-up truck


Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada

Outdoor advertisement created by Juniper Park, Canada for Lay's, within the category: Food.


Happiness is simple.

Executive Creative Directors: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn
Creative Directors: Hylton Mann, Andy Linardatos
Art Director: Hylton Mann
Copywriter: Andy Linardatos
Designer: Max Hosseinian
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morse's picture

Fun to look at, but I don't get the relationship with the brand.

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couldn't agree more with Morse.
and no remorse for that!

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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why is it a toy car?

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Copywriter at TBWA/RAAD
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Some context for the idea will help. In celebration of National Potato Chip Day, Juniper Park Toronto pimped out a Lay’s delivery truck with a large 3D rotating wind-up key. The idea harkens back to the days of wind up toys…when things were simple, to underscore the “happiness is simple” brand positioning. The truck visited locations around New York City including Times Square and Central Park and handed out over 10,000 bags of chips for sampling.

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Dzsoi's picture

"The idea harkens back to the days of wind up toys…when things were simple, to underscore the “happiness is simple” brand positioning"
So old toys were simple and fun. I get it but if a tagline is this general, I don't think you can exclude the product from your ambient idea.

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If you read what the idea was I think you will see the product was not excluded. $10000 bags of product were handed out from the truck.

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Round'n'round little like boring like.

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