Eat A Hotdog

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June 2019
Kayem: Eat A Hotdog
Kayem: Eat A Hotdog
Kayem: Eat A Hotdog
Kayem Outdoor Ad - Eat A Hotdog
Kayem Outdoor Ad - Eat A Hotdog
Kayem Outdoor Ad - Eat A Hotdog


The campaign challenges people to buck societal trends and indulge in what you know you love - Hotdogs. So let's all fire up our grills - ditch the quinoa and kale, and stuff our mouth-holes with some scrumptious Kayem franks this summer.

Outdoor advertisement created by Connelly Partners, United States for Kayem, within the category: Food.


Eat a Hotdog.
No one ever carpe’d a diem with quinoa. Eat a hotdog.
Meat alternatives have yet to make a mouth water. Eat a hotdog.

Advertising Agency: Connelly Partners, Boston, USA
Creative Director: Nick Bontaites, Alyssa Toro
Art Director: Melissa Gelman
Copywriter: Nick Bontaites
Photographer: Kyle Couture
Senior Producer: Mark Gardner
Assistant Producer: Caitlin Boyle
Director of Production: Barry Frechette
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