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April 2013


Hammaspeikko is a new and fresh dental clinic in Finland. That’s why they wanted us to come up with a fresh ‘never seen before’ -poster. A poster that would tell people about Hammapeikkos SUPERB dental whitening. In addition to that WE wanted to SURPRISE with this somewhat dated medium and give its viewer a real reason to come to the clinic.
So we came up what we think is rather unique poster-meets-mobile-loyalty-rewarding exectution that really GETS THE ATTENTION AND WORKS (…on any mobile device with no network connection or app download wait-time). So when you shoot the poster on your mobile phones camera with flash on, you instantly see the surprising effect of dental whitening visualized on your phones screen. Plus now you have the clinics number and a discount voucher on your cell phone.

Outdoor advertisement created by McCann, Finland for Hammaspeikko Dental Clinic, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Directors: Jyrki Poutanen, Timo Silvennoinen, Janne Uotila
Copywriters: Tuomas Perälä, Timo Silvennoinen, Jyrki Poutanen
Art Directors: Jyrki Poutanen, Janne Uotila
Assistant Art Directors: Hanna Kinnunen, Kalle Oksa
Graphic Designers: Janne Uotila, Hanna Kinnunen
Producers: Yrjö Haavisto, Jyrki Poutanen
Account Director: Yrjö Haavisto
Photography: Shutterstock
Photoretouch: Jari Riihimäki
Others: Kaapo Kamu
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Hehe, pretty cute. The smiling guy at the end was a bit creepy though

Cristina and Chris
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The background under the logo reminds me of Looney Tunes.

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interesting idea.

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