The Gods have a plan for you!

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May 2010
Disney / Prince of Persia:  The Gods have a plan for you!
Disney Outdoor Ad -  The Gods have a plan for you!


To announce the premiere of the latest box office hit ‘Prince of Persia, The sands of time’, Walt Disney launches the worlds first augmented reality outdoor campaign. Lucky users of Android- and iPhones who are standing near one of the outdoor filmposters can play the movie trailer and play an augmented reality game just by using their Layar browser. They can collect 50 Movie Minute value points as a reward for playing the game.

The posters of the brand new Walt Disney movie ‘Prince of Persia’ are marked with special logo that explains that you can play a unique augmented reality game with the Layar browser that is available for Anroid- and iPhone. As soon as a person who is near one of the ‘Prince of Persia’ posters starts up the Layar browser on his smartphone a gps connection is made to locate his position and the augmented reality game for ‘Prince of Persia’ automatically appears in his screen.

The beautiful Tamina from the movie speaks to the player and explains to him that he should watch the trailer and immediately enter the augmented reality game to answer 3 questions. If the player can answer all questions correctly he has earned 50 Movie Minutes value points that can be used on (A dvd can already be purcheased with 90 Movie Minutes.) The Layar also gives the player access to an augmented cinema locator to find the nearest cinema and the option to share the game with his social networks.

The campaign will be served widely on all major outdoor media networks of JCDecaux, CBS Outdoor, Hillenaar (Clearchannel), Brouwer & Partners in the Netherlands and on the locations of 100 cinemas across the country.

Technical realisation Johannes la Poutre

Outdoor advertisement created by TAB, Netherlands for Disney, within the category: Media.


The Gods have a plan for you!

Advertising Agency: TAB Worldmedia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Remco Vroom
Art Director: Jean-Paul Frijns
Copywriter: Remco Vroom
Designer: Jean-Paul Frijns
Photographer: by Walt Disney
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mikeelrapido's picture

Great idea to use AR that is connected with poster..

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Copywriter at Evo S.C. |


Dzsoi's picture

Isn't there a demo video to show how does it works? Do you get some hint in an exciting way to answer those questions? A simple quiz wouldn't turn me on that much.

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DBB's picture

Thats cool! loved it.

Not sure about "the worlds first augmented reality outdoor campaign" but i dont have a link yet, so when ill have it ill provide :)

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AssassinX's picture

It's a good idea to use AR in public places. Good attempt.

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What do you mean?

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Art Director at adk guangzhou
Guest's picture

Nice demonstrations how AR can be used

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nice idea////

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nice idea for a stupid movie where almost nobody was persian.

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