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September 2018


There is one suicide every 46 minutes in Brazil. It's almost 12.000 cases per year. An act of despair motivated by depression and loneliness. To help those people, CVV, Centro de Valorização da Vida (Center of Appreciation of Life), provides a 24 hours hotline with volunteers trained to offer emotional support. All discreetly and confidentially. But many people don't know the service. Or, in moments of despair, don't have the courage to call. That's why we wanted to bring a message of support and invite people to a conversation right now. When it looks like there is no other way. The solution found was to decal the roof of the buses that run on Curitiba's central lines, where the tallest buildings are. A new way to start a conversation and give comfort to the ones who need it the most.

Outdoor advertisement created by 433, Brazil for CVV, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Do you need to talk? Find emotional support. Call 188.

Advertising Agency: 433, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Rafael Pavelegini
Art Director: Ricardo Tramontini
Copywriter: Rafael Pavelegini
Film studio: Vinicius Antunes
Audio studio: Jamute
Audio studio account manager: Gabriela Alberti
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