July 2020
British American Tobacco Italia / Marevivo Onlus: Small actions, big crimes
British American Tobacco Italia Outdoor Ad - Small actions, big crimes


With this national campaign Marevivo, in close collaboration with BAT Italia, wanted to inaugurate the 2020 summer season. A message of awareness addressed to all, smokers and not, because the sea is full of micro plastics that end up in the stomach of marine animals and consequently in ours. Cigarette butts are not biodegradable; they remain in the environment forever and become evermore fragmented and harmful. Did you know? Not to mention the hundreds of toxic substances released, both in water and in the soil, which make life difficult or even impossible for everyone. Realising how dangerous small gestures are and how much damage they cause to small and large ecosystems is an urgent matter. We need a direct and bluntly language that pushes the target to change, NOW! Ignorance and misinformation on these issues cannot and must not be more tolerated. No more hiding behind a “I didn’t know” or “There are no baskets” or “They all do”. From now on, those who abandon cigarette butts or small waste will be responsible for major crimes against the environment. The campaign has been entirely structured for the “onlife”, the dimension between offline and online, integrating worlds, activities, tools and platforms. The QR-CODE reported on all materials is the portal that allows the public to travel between these dimensions and spread this message as far as possible.

Outdoor advertisement created by Question Mark Communication, Italy for British American Tobacco Italia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Question Mark Communication , Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Alessandro Cocchia
Art Director: Gianluca Di Mattia
Copywriter: Ilaria De Filippis
Senior Copywriter: Piero Fittipaldi
Project Manager: Daniela Biancardi
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