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November 2018
BP: Bright Ideas
BP: Bright Ideas
BP Outdoor Ad - Bright Ideas
BP Outdoor Ad - Bright Ideas


To attract people to join BP, we took over a series of UK-based backlit adshel sites in locations where our target market work, live and commute from.

Then we turned the power off.

We didn't need it.

Instead, our ads were printed using glow-in-the-dark phosphorescent inks. Through the day the phosphors in the ink energize themselves by absorbing natural light. Then, at night, they slowly release that stored energy - emiting a glow and eliminating any need for other energy forms. It’s an approach that turned a recruitment message into a demonstration of BP's innovative thinking. Creating something visually striking and attracting people who are prepared to explore unlikely options to come up with brilliant ideas.

Outdoor advertisement created by Havas, United Kingdom for BP, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.


Any more bright ideas?
This ad uses the light of day to shine in the dark of night. Help drive the energy transition.

Advertising Agency: Havas People, London, UK
Creative Director / Art Director: Dan Gregory
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jonathan Lee
Project Leads: Nicola Woods, Ana Jones, Vicki Hyland (BP)
Media: Natasha Kyndt
Additional Credits: James Yates, Reece Creedon
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