Bent ear

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May 2016
BOOKtiga:  Bent ear
BOOKtiga Outdoor Ad -  Bent ear


Topic of the festival 2013: “The book reveals what the reality hides”, was the inspiration for the poster whose graphics and application symbolize “the bent ear” on a book, behind which a new worlds hide. By placing the poster in the top-right corner of the advertising surface, the poster actually takes over the function of all the posters on the surface, using them to make one huge ad of the festival. Furthermore, the bent ear symbolizes the secondhand nature of the books, creating a link with the character of the festival. A saving was also achieved in leasing the advertising space: on the entire advertising surface only one poster has been glued in the right corner, and instead of the whole, only one part of the billboard was leased. In this way, the festival transmitted the importance of using secondhand: already used billboards were taken to increase the desired effect of communication, thereby achieving savings.

Outdoor advertisement created by Sonda, Croatia for BOOKtiga, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

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