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May 2011
Bladeworks Fencing:  Laser Diecut Poster
Bladeworks Fencing Outdoor Ad -  Laser Diecut Poster


This poster for Bladeworks Fencing Club was designed to show that fencing is a fun way to get fit for anyone—not just nerds or Olympians. The traditional Spencerian script was hand-lettered by world-renowned typographer Tony DiSpigna and laser-cut so that it appears the words were cut out of the paper Zorro-style by an extremely skilled swordsman.

Outdoor advertisement created by Rethink, Canada for Bladeworks Fencing, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Canada
Designer: Jeff Harrison
Copywriter: Keri Zierler
Typographer: Tony Di Spigna
Producers: Keri Bhangu, Sheila Santa Barbara
Studio Artist: Jonathan Cesar
Laser Diecutting: Arkwell Industries
Photographer: Clinton Hussey Photography
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CuriousPencil's picture

Glorious. Artistically solid, and I hope fiercely effective. The choice of calligraphy is a lovely piece of smarts, given the probable demographic. And the copy is just right. I'd challenge the aspiration that it shows fencing as 'for anyone' though - only certain people are going to chime with the power of calligraphy.

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atb2005's picture

I was wrong; hence I deleted my previous comment. I thought this was a print ad (even though it says poster; didn't really pay attention). As a poster, it is ok. I still don't find it effective, sales-wise, though. And again, the copy conveys nothing with regard to staying fit.

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CommandZ's picture

I'm going to second Gerry's "glorious" sentiment. I don't under estimate that consumers will get the idea that this was a Zoro-esgue treatment with the calligraphy, and they don't need to understand the laser cut technique to get that. The type is treated very elegantly and I don't believe it's hard to read. Will it be effective? Well, first they need to work on their website which was an utter let down coming off of this piece.

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Creative Director
atb2005's picture

deleted by me

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bakamono's picture

The could have done few one with "the next zoro did this" and the other "lose fat" because you do sweat and you do get fit.

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because therefore it is

Phony Ads's picture

Calligraphy does not imply this was cut by a sword. It's way too elegant. Using a cruder/simpler font that actually makes the headline look like it was written by someone using a sword, would.

Phony Ads
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spinsarah's picture

Honestly, I shouldn't have to sit here squinting for 5 minutes trying to read this ad for me to understand its message. I gave up before I had the chance. Not a very good ad if you ask me.

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Ordozgoiti's picture


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Kriativity's picture

i agree with spinsarah!

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nerio's picture

this was categorized under "outdoor" so was this a poster or something? if it was then people seeing it would understand the cutout.. but regardless the calligraphy is hard to read...

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chirag's picture

the art of writing is what targets the art loving people, could have been better visible if the color combination would be of better choice.
Nice work...

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