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March 2012
ATSS Burglar Alarm System:  God
ATSS Burglar Alarm System Outdoor Ad -  God


In 2012, ATSS flagged off its expansion plans by exhibiting at the Indian Fire and Security Expo. But with so many companies jostling to showcase their products and services, the challenge as a new exhibitor was to have our voice heard by reaching out to people in a memorable way. We covered the entire ceiling of an atrium with our poster. So anyone who looked up at that ceiling saw both, God and cops, watching his every move. In a very simple manner, we promised that - with our services, God won't be the only one watching.

Creative Director: O.R. Radhakrishnan

Outdoor advertisement created by McCann, India for ATSS Burglar Alarm System, within the category: Professional Services.


God isn’t the only one watching.

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Directors: Akshay Kapnadak, Rahul Mathew
Art Director: Mukesh Jadhav
Copywriter: Godwin D’mello
Illustrators: Ramesh Nannware, Chetan Patil, Mukesh Jadhav, Vivek Shinde
Photographer: Kunal Kampani
Agency Producer: Robert Joseph
Retouching: Harshal V Pandere, Hemant Daitkar
Agency Co-ordinator: Meraj Khan, Sachin Joshi
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Mytwocents's picture

Very impressive. great use of the space and solid message. I'm sure it will get tones of PR too. Congrats guys. Would love to have this is my portfolio. Damn!

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morse's picture

Very cool. This must have dominated the space. How big was this? Do people in India relate to this western type of god depiction?

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Art Director |

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mercedes's picture

This painting doesn't have anything to do with God watching... A force-fit just for awards.

Secondly, it clearly looks like a scam - may be they would've escaped had they done it in print... this is definitely not an ambient creative... look at the the logo and the pay-off line... and look at the perspective of the paintings... bad photoshop.

And not a single cathedral in India has this painting on the ceiling. So how do you call it as ambient anyway?

Try entering it in Print Craft category guys... may be your objective will be fulfilled.

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ivan's picture

There is print execution but I didn't post it as it's exactly the same artwork.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
vote4pedro's picture

I thought the same thing. The "ambient" looks photoshopped to me. The perspective is all wrong. It would probably cost a ridiculous amount of money to actually cover a ceiling. More than even a very large company would be willing to spend on a trade show. And this doesn't look like a large company.

That said, the idea has an unintended negative connotation for me. I get the feeling of big brother and secret police watching me. Not a good thing.

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my mind bursts's picture

Always love something that is attractive to the eye, on brief and unique - beautifully executed in faith with the original artist. Though in your description I might give god a lowercase g. Does he really endores products or services?

my mind bursts
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Grrrr's picture

God, help them get an award!

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Agencia Marketing Online's picture

Very nice!

Agencia Marketi...
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Klara K.'s picture

It's interesting and stopping for sure but does it work well in India?

Klara K.
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Charles University in Prague
Owolawi's picture

It's a killer idea and it!

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