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September 2011
Arby's:  Gas prices


The latest from Toronto-based Blammo is this politically charged campaign for Arby's. Yep, politics and French fries. Between a heated race for Prime Minister and various high-profile provincial battles, 2011 has truly been the year of the election in Canada. And with an overabundance of attack ads, Blammo and Arby's decided to take all the mud-slinging up a notch with a trash-talking contest pitting Arby’s Curly Fries, backed by the Curly Coalition of Canada, vs. the straight-cut Homestyle Fries, supported by the Homestyle Alliance.

Outdoor advertisement created by Blammo, Canada for Arby's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Blammo Worldwide, Canada
Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: Andrew Simon
Senior Art Director / Designer: Grant Cleland
Copywriter: Vinay Parmar
Junior Copywriter: Marko Pandza
Designer: Lisa McCoy
Designer: Dejan Djuric
Design Intern: Karen Porges
Producer: Gord Cathmoir
Accounts: Kristin Vekteris, Kristen Keays
Director of Media and Engagement: Joanne Fulford
Edit / Production House: Posterboy Edit
Editor: Raj Ramnauth
Editor: Steven McGregor
Executive Producer: Michelle Lee
Music and Production: RMW Music Toronto
Track Director / Producer: Ted Rosnick
Track Director: Andrew Bradley
Sound Designer: Vlad Nikolic
Sound Engineer: Art Mullin
Sound Studio: RMW Music Toronto
Voice Casting: RMW Voice Casting
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Like your mom.

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Stale, greasy and lodged in your fat roles.

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Like your mom.

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Although I appreciate all your comments about gas prices I have come to realize that they are not going to help lower prices for American families that are searching to cut their monthly expenses.
On my quest for reducing or eliminating our gas expenses I have discovered two proven options that work for us. and This is my own personal vendetta against outrages gas prices, not spam. Which side are you on? Your choice!

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