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July 2014


Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Pandora, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Art Directors: Frank Garcia, Giulia Magaldi
Copywriter: German Rivera Hudders
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@minas_mars's picture

Shit voiceover, I turned off as soon as I heard the first line.

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Art Director at TBWA |

I'm gonna try say something positive

kleenex's picture

Brilliant idea though..

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Web Designer/Developer
CrackerJackFlash's picture

Yes, I'm quite impressed with Miami's student work this year. Really nice thinking.

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Creative Director |

damnson's picture

I agree with all of y'all.

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Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Ad freak's picture

I don't think anything is wrong with the voice over. Moreover it's a student work plus the idea matters the most. Good job.

Ad freak

It's too New York Centric for my taste, and it lies. Artists do it for the money, always. Any artist that says otherwise is lying. Unless you're playing your guitar at home, you're doing it for the money.

dredge's picture

Except as he says they don't play to be famous or for the money. So why do this for them?
Too pedantic?

Ayeyahyah's picture

yap, it's the idea that matters, great idea!

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Creative Director
Tommy Gun's picture

not sure, but doesn't that take away most of the charme? I want to be surprised by streetmusic and not look it up on my phone. Also I don't buy certain movies on bluray, 'cause I wonna be happy when they come up on tv.

Tommy Gun
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