September 2014


Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director: Ayushi Saria
Copywriter: German Rivera Hudders
Instructors: Thom Glover, Eoin McLaughlin
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Nice idea guys!

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That is a good idea.

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Well done!

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good job!

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This ad not only demonstrates a great idea, but it also promotes consumer participation. McDonald's customers can help donate to a great cause by simply ordering food for themselves. It's an effective campaign because consumers participate without having to change their usual behavior, unless they choose to. The ad does a good job at informing consumers how the process works as well as promoting a positive view of what is normally suggested to be as "picky" eating. Many McDonald's customers order their burgers, etc. without certain add-ons so this campaign is a win-win for everyone. The customer is able to donate to a cause while not feeling any cognitive dissonance towards being considered "difficult" or "picky" as is the usual reputation. The campaign considers all kinds of people as "heroes" making people feel better about themselves and the cause therefore encouraging positive participation. I enjoy the light and casual tone of the ad as well. Just like when people talk like that in a two-way conversation, the tone makes the entire idea more approachable. Also adding a charitable aspect to what many people normally order can attract more customers from the competition if they're interested in being able to help a cause when eating. This campaign sets them apart from their competitors but since McDonald's is such a large corporation, it shouldn't cause any sort of profit losses. The campaign, the ad, and the cause will lead to positive publicity for McDonald's. As long as McDonald's follows through with the charitable donations as stated in the ad, this is a great way to raise funds and awareness for the less-fortunate. Overall, I really enjoy the idea and the execution of the ad.

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