October 2018
World of Tanks Blitz: Mad Games
World of Tanks Blitz Integrated Ad - Mad Games


Aiming to expand its playerbase, World of Tanks Blitz hires Fury Road’s vehicle designer to create a post-apocalyptic game mode. World of Tanks Blitz, the fast-paced mobile tank shooter, measured no efforts to attract new players to its fanbase in 2019. After a study pinpointed the post-apocalyptic setting as the most enthralling to new potential customers, World of Tanks Blitz hired Peter Pound, the lead vehicle designer for Mad Max: Fury Road, to craft new tanks for the special Mad Games mode. In command of mind-bending vehicles and bigger badder guns, fighting nature and pursuing resources, players deemed the event a great success: game downloads increased by 40% in comparison with the previous month, the average time spent in-game increased by 27% and in-game purchase revenue grew by 17%.

Advertising Agency: The Agency of Wargaming, Minsk, Belarus
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