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April 2021


In 2018 the average debt of slovaks rose for the first time above their savings.
VUB Bank is the second largest bank in Slovakia having almost half of the population as clients saw this as an opportunity to help the society and promote their saving products at the same time.
We treated the unhealthy financial habbits with a funny therapy where everybody could get addicted to saving. To fight impulsive online shopping, we created the VUB money saving button that added a "Rather save" button next to every "Add to cart".
We got the whole nation to start to save money in just two months. People saved 3x more money than last year, the campaign outperformed the competition and VUB bank got 3x more deposits they can work with.

Integrated advertisement created by Triad, Slovakia for VUB Bank, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: TRIAD, Bratislava, Slovakia
Chief Creative / Strategy Officer: Martin Woska
Creative Director: Vlado Kurek
Art Director: Csilla Polák
Graphic Designer: Adam Majko
Copywriter: Matus Hliboky
Developer: Roman Janajev
Account Manager: Michaela Markusková
Account Director: Natália Mikušová
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