Toyota Push The Limit

October 2019


CHALLENGE Toyota is rough, tough, and unbeatable. A dream brand in Russia, but … disconnected from young people.Yes, they know Toyota is reliable, but yawn, its boring. We had to change their minds. APPROACH Toyota as a brand is all about challenges. The young love nothing more than a challenge, and the more extreme the challenge the better. So, Toyota and Youth share this in common … but how to bring it alive? SOLUTION TOYOTA PUSH THE LIMIT – an unique extreme sport platform. This is not a sponsorship, but a movement, where sports, cars and youth come together to push the limit of Possible. We created our own TEAM TOYOTA RUSSIA with top extreme and Olympic athletes. They became our creators and influencers. Together we generated dozens of activities, events, stunts - living extreme sports, not just using it. TOOLS To generate a big buzz we started our own NON STOP CONTENT FACTORY. Which produce extreme content and deliver it to the community. We live with our athletes 24/7, go to their events, highlight everything cool in extreme world and generate unique content every day all year round. We tell thousands of Toyota stories to the extreme community & beyond. Toyota cars had a role to play in every single story. SUMMARY We created ALWAYS ON CAMPAIGN using all known mediums with one communication idea: PUSH THE LIMIT OF POSSIBLE. With Toyota brand and cars in the heart of it. Boosting it periodically with 360-degrees national launch and product campaigns. RESULTS Push The Limit movement rocked with the young and was massive, on-line and off-line. We ignited the love for both Toyota brand & cars and put Toyota right in the hearts of youth. Push The Limit also served as a versatile extreme sport platform where any Toyota model could be included. - Toyota perception as a youthfull brand grew up 25%. 5 times greater than the market norm. - Instagram grew 4 times. - VK Grew 20 times. - 50 000+ people engaged in Push The Limit events - 300 mln total reach - Rav4 and CH-R were successfully launched through the platform - 25% of C-HR were pre-ordered BEFORE the ATL campaign starts - «Sport & Russia» awarded Toyota for best extreme sports marketing campaign

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