An Open Letter

July 2021


Since March 2020, India’s 320 million students have stopped going to school. While grown-ups went about with their outdoor duties, children remained locked in, even as coronavirus choked the entire country. The absence of a normal childhood, missing face-to-face interaction with teachers and fellow students is impacting their studies and hampering their psychological growth.

So here’s a video made by students, for students, featuring Pivari Kejriwal, an animation student in the graphic lead and Prachi Joshi, a class 9 student, as the voiceover artist, along with Subhadeep Sarkar, a music teacher, as the background score composer. An open letter to India, right before the onset of the third wave, it’s a plea to follow Covid19 guidelines and curb the Pandemic for good. Just so our children can go back to school and live the rest of their childhood as they should.

Integrated advertisement created by Monkey Wrench Communications, India for SUPRA, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications, Kolkata, India
Creative Director: Ashis Mridha
Sr. Copywriter: Ishita Chakraborty
Art Direction & Animation: Pivari Kejriwal
Voice Over: Prachi Joshi
Client Servicing Director: Kusumanjan Banerjee
Music: Subhadeep Sarkar
Special credits: Sanjay Joshi, Pawas Shah
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