May 2020


In the U.S., an average American spends almost nine days per year commuting. Still, most of them don’t think about using Spotify while driving because they’re used to listening to the radio, even though the service has a huge music archive. With this said, our purpose is to make drivers use Spotify in their cars by creating a connection between the platform and an unforgettable experience for them: the first livestream on Spotify. To make this happen we used two major element of American culture: music and drive-ins. So we created two speakerless concerts with native singers of these places. But to take part on it, drivers need to connect their Spotify onto car speakers, so that it can be streamed accordingly to the concert location. By creating this experience, we want to show how exclusive can Spotify be. And customizable. One streaming at a time.

Integrated advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Spain for Spotify, within the category: Music.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Art Director: Guillermo Pernas
Art Director: Jara Dichas
Copywriter: Martim Braz
Copywriter: Sergio Sánchez Macías
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