Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

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April 2020
Sour Patch Kids: Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day
Sour Patch Kids Integrated Ad - Happy Being Single on Valentine’s Day


Sour Patch is a brand of soft candy created to bring happiness to everyone in the world on any days. However, during Valentine’s Day, single people seem to lack happiness as they are single and are unintentionally neglected.

The origin of the problems:
Obviously, because everywhere on earth has become a ‘space of love’. For example, on Social Media space, people send out love messages or show off their ‘lovey dovey’ relationship while many places arrange events for lovers and sells items for couples.

The Solutions:
Changing the space of love into the space of singleness to recover the happiness for the single people

The Executions:
The first time ever that Valentine’s Day for lovers is changed into the day of happiness for single people as we change the space of lovers to space for single people:
- Changing lover gift box to ‘single’ gift box: During Valentine’s Day, lover gift boxes are popular merchandise that can be found everywhere. So we change them into gift boxes for single people so that they can enjoy themselves during the time.
- Tricks for single people on social media: There are so many contents in social media providing tricks and tips on how to make Valentine's Day perfect. What about single people? We change the Valentine theme contents with tricks about how to date happily to tricks about ‘how to survive Valentine’s Day happily’ instead.
- Changing Lover Theatre to ‘Single’ Theatre: Many lovers walk hand in hand into theatres during Valentine’s Day which make single people feel uncomfortable when they go to theatre too. So, Sour Patch will take them to watch the movie ‘Low Season’ (Thai movie of which name can be back translated as ‘Happy Single Day) so single people can be happy with their singleness and survive the romantic atmosphere in the theatres where lovers go to.

Integrated advertisement created by Brilliant & Million, Thailand for Sour Patch Kids, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Brilliant & Million, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Executive Officer: Sorada Sonprasit
Chief Creative Officer: Sompat Trisadikun
Executive Creative Director: Titipun Tubthong
Creative Director: Kaiwan Teanngam
Senior Art Director: Tanatas Thaiwongsa
Senior Copywriter: Thapakorn Chandee
Head Of Strategy: Vibhu Harnvarakiat
Group Account Director: Chanokporn Chotwannawiwat
Account Manager: Montham Nichkaroon
Account Executive: Tanatporn Limtawonsiripong
Strategic Planner: Sittikorn Supapontaworn
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