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September 2020


With Cannabis legal in Canada, making sure parents talk to their kids about not getting high and driving is critically important. But sometimes parents struggle to find the words or don't know how to come right out and tell them. So, we encourage parents to just get in there and say it, straight, directly, and to the point.

Integrated advertisement created by Mass Minority, Canada for Parachute, within the categories: Education, Health, Public Interest, NGO.


MOM: Well, I feel a little awkward, but I think it’s time we had the talk.
Mom’s fingers casually glide across the banana. Her daughter glances at it, then back at her mom in disbelief.
DAUGHTER: Here? Now?!
Her little brother walks in and out of screen behind them. He runs away.
MOM: If you’re ever in a “situation”, I just want you to know how to protect yourself…
Daughter puts her head down in embarrassment. Mom picks up the banana and handles it.
MOM: Maybe it’s with a close friend, or who knows, maybe a lot of people are involved.
Speaking expressively, mom waves the banana around as she talks. Daughter is mortified.
DAUGHTER: WHOA! What are you talking about?!
MOM: Driving high,
Mom peels the banana.
Cut to SUPER: It’s time to have this talk. Visit
MOM: What did you think?

Advertising Agency: Mass Minority, Toronto, Canada
Post-Production/Editorial: The Editorial Factory
Online Post-Production/Telecine: We Are 1188
Casting: Mann Casting
Chief Creative Officer: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Brett Channer
Creative Director: Gary Holme
Creative Director: Sarah Gencarelli
Creative Director: Dominique Morin
Art Director: Gary Holme
Writer: Sarah Gencarelli
Writer: Brett Channer
Writer: Dominique Morin
Director: Brett Channer
Director: Gary Holme
Director: Dominique Morin
Producer: Jessica Holloway
Producer: Tony Shultz
Director Of Photography: Blair Locke
Casting Director: Steven Mann
Editor: Andy Ames
Online Editor/Producer: Matt Bilewicz
Music Producer: Milan Schramek
Account Director: Christine McArthur
Account Executive: Bronwyn Shnurr
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