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September 2020
Orijin: Talk To Nigeria
Orijin: Talk To Nigeria
Orijin: Talk To Nigeria
Orijin Integrated Ad - Talk To Nigeria
Orijin Integrated Ad - Talk To Nigeria
Orijin Integrated Ad - Talk To Nigeria


“The only good thing about Independence Day in Nigeria is that it is a public holiday”
The rhetoric around patriotism, unity, and celebration, in general, have become flat and does nothing to inspire the average Nigerian on the street. People have become detached from the country, and for some good reasons.​ There is a lot of Internalized anger that needs to be let out. Over the years, it has felt as if the voices of the people are not being heard, the leaders are turning deaf ears, and the problems of decades ago are still persistent today.​
For the Independence Day campaign, Orijin is to rekindle the spirit of hope in Nigerians and give them something to look forward to. To do this, we first have to be a platform on which they can vent. That is create an avenue through which citizens’ concerns can be brought to the fore, not with the intention to incite anger, pain, or despair but rather allow for healing and begin to chart a path for the future.​
“If Nigeria were a human being, Nigerians will have very colorful things to say to her”​

​The Idea​
Create a platform/channel through which Nigerians can talk to Nigeria and can say everything they have been wanting to say using the Orijin bottle as a tool.​

Integrated advertisement created by Dentsu Aegis, Nigeria for Orijin, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Dare Create, Lagos, Nigeria
Production: Technical Magic Media
Deputy Creative Director (Copy): Sola Mosuro
Deputy Creative Director (Art & Design): Olalekan Akinyele
Art Director: Damola Shonubi
Copywriter: Doyin Asgaba
Illustrator: Olalekan Akinyele
Associate Business Director: Funke Adekola
Brand Strategy: Juwon Olugboye
Brand Manager: Kabiawu Anuoluwapo
Director: Jide Makinde
Editor: Oye Joseph
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