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May 2021
Ocado: Just For You
Ocado Integrated Ad - Just For You


Integrated advertisement created by St. Luke's, United Kingdom for Ocado, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: St. Luke’s London, UK
Chief Creative Officer: Alan Young
Creative Partner: Julian Vizard
Creatives: Joanne Boyle, Matt Harvey, Hannah Talbut
Agency producer: Chloe London
Production Assistant: Joel Campbell
Agency planner, Chief Strategy Officer: Dan Hulse
Planner: Tara Ellis
Business Director: Anastasia Terzeon
Senior Account Director: Emily Gill-Heginbotham
Account Manager: Maisie La Costa
Account Executive: Sam Everett
Director: DOM&NIC
Production Company: Outsider
Production co Producer: John Madsen
Editor: Ed Cheeseman / Final Cut
VFX Production:  The Mill
Colourist: James Bamford
Exec VFX Producer: Alex Fitzgerald
Senior VFX Producer: Ange Toner
3D VFX Supervisor: Alan Williamson
2D VFX Supervisor: Zoe Cosh
Sound Studio: String & Tins
Sound Engineer: Adam Smyth
Music supervision: Native
DoP: Stephen Keith-Roach
Music: Native
Composition Lyrics CCO: Alan Young / St. Luke’s
Creative: Matt Harvey / St. Luke’s
Media: Hearts & Science
Digital media: M/Six
Design Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie
Typeface: F37 Foundry
Agency Producer: Georgie Moran 
Lead Designer: Tod Butler
Designers: Ben Gilbey, Dan Forde, Kate Henderson
Project Manager: Georgie Moran, Andrew Thorne
Photographer: Jamie Orlando Smith
Production: CRXSS
Producer: Joanna Niklas
Food stylist: Rob Morris
Food stylist assistant: Livia Abraham
Prop Stylist: Aurelien Farjon
Digital Operator: Liam Desbois
Photo Assistant: Ollie Jarman
Retouching: Digital Light
CGI, Repro & Digital HTML5: Curious Productions 
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