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November 2020
Nueva Mujer Magazine: TouchPoints
Nueva Mujer Magazine Integrated Ad - TouchPoints


Breast cancer prevalence and mortality will increase in the next years. By 2025 there will be up to 2.5 million new cases and 800,000 deaths. Self-exam remains to be the best method to detect it early.” (WHO)

So, Nueva Mujer Magazine generated a digital symbol by using the most visible and interactive geometric format on Instagram and hacking it to create the first Breast digital TouchPoints.

Different shades of color represent different woman were available to be downloaded, touched, swiped and pressed digitally to remind everyone about the simplicity of self-exam.

With this action, breasts became protagonists all across the digital platform that tends to ban them.

Integrated advertisement created by Grey, Ecuador for Nueva Mujer Magazine, within the categories: Media, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Maruri GREY, Quito, Ecuador
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