Nobody Wants a Hard Start

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April 2019


Nobody wants a hard start, motors included. Yet millions of motors are hard started every day, wearing out the machines they run prematurely – and unnecessarily. Give motors an ABB softstarter and they will thank you with increased reliability, productivity and lifetime.

To promote and raise awareness about Softstarter from ABB, the digital agency Bybrick Interface created a VR experience that would let people feel what an electric motor - and the processes it powers - feel when thay are started without a Softstarter connected. The city of Västerås, home of ABB’s Swedish HQ, was modelled in 3D. The VR experience takes place in an elevator where you get a staggering ride with high g-forces. To top it off, the agency made an event in the actual elevator where the VR experience takes place, and let unknowing people passing by get the elevator ride of their lives. The VR experience is also available as an app for both android and ios devices.

Advertising Agency: Bybrick Interface, Västerås, Sweden
Lead Project Manager: Johan Ekholm
Creative Director: Jörgen Lannerstedt
Team Leader: Elin Sjöström
Art Director: Dennis Sköld
Copywriter: Mats Arnald
Photographer: Peter Frick
Lead developer: Richard Ek
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