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August 2019


Historically Costa Rica has had an image of “green country”, other countries have applauded the initiatives from this little place in Central America. Sadly, costarican politicians were not doing their work to keep on that commitment.

One example was Bill 20.985, regarding the ban of single use plastic focused on straws, bags and bottles. It was presented to Congress more than 10 years ago, without any progress at all.

We launched Strawmitments, a social movement that invited people to fabricate a commitment ring from their last plastic straw, as a symbol to show the commitment they have with the planet.

Together with an online petition to approve Bill 20.985, citizens showed the kind of commitment the government has been lacking for decades about the issue.

Integrated advertisement created by Orson, Costa Rica for Marviva, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Orson, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
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