Don't Be a Bleephole

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July 2021
Mammoth Lakes: Don't Be a Bleephole
Mammoth Lakes: Don't Be a Bleephole
Mammoth Lakes Integrated Ad - Don't Be a Bleephole
Mammoth Lakes Integrated Ad - Don't Be a Bleephole


No matter how hard Mammoth Lakes in California tried to educate their visitors to the site on the basic rules of sustainable travel in a wild destination, a good number of tourists seemed to not be getting the message – not properly extinguishing campfires, leaving dog poop on trails and leaving campsites a mess (which is not just unattractive, but attracts bears) etc.

Because the problem became so dire, Mammoth turned to its agency to create a BLUNT new campaign that doesn’t beat around the bush. The centerpiece is an original “Don’t Be A Bleephole” sing-along, tune designed to create a natural hook that will have people humming long after they visit Mammoth Lakes.

Integrated advertisement created by Mering, United States for Mammoth Lakes, within the category: Hospitality, Tourism.

Advertising Agency: Mering, a company of The Shipyard, San Diego , United States of America
Ecd: Kerry Krasts
Cd / Cw: John Risser
Acd / Ad: Kevin Lukens
VP, Production: Liz Ross
Senior Post-Production Manager: Christina Staal
Group Account Director: Amanda Moul
Senior Account Manager: Sylvia Najera
Media Director: Beth Shaini
Media Planner: Delaney Coughlin
Song Writer / Singer: John Risser
Record & Mix: The Cabana / San Diego
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