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April 2021


Cooking Blindly is a 130-page sensory guide that aims to stimulate the five senses: touch, with relief illustrations of the dishes and printing in Braille; smell, since it will be possible to feel the aromas of the spices mentioned in the recipes; vision, since the publication has a design that allows people with low vision to read the content; and hearing, both with buttons that emit sounds from the instruments to be used in the preparation and with the audiobook version. The taste is due to the delivery of the book, the recipes contained therein. The publication also has an official website (

Launched in the year that celebrate 100 years of Nestlé in Brazil, the publication was designed in line with Maggi's philosophy that cooking is something that everyone can and should participate in. The initiative also reflects the Dorina Foundation's 75-year commitment: a more inclusive society for people with different levels of visual impairment.

Integrated advertisement created by Publicis, Brazil for Maggi, within the categories: Food, Public Interest, NGO.

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