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June 2019
Lada Granta: Whale
Lada Granta Integrated Ad - Whale


New Lada Granta “Keeping The Word” campaign Lada Granta is a legendary car in Avtovaz lineup and one of the top-3 best-selling cars on the Russian market. However, it has the cheapest price among other models and therefore appreciated as a multipurpose vehicle for daily use, not a dream car. Research shows that people are losing trust in ads. They tend to believe in stories told by real people. That is why we created true life stories about real people who keep their promises. Stories that got under the skin and into the heart of our audience and caused the unprecedentedly warm response. Many people across Russian regions live simple lives not asking for recognition, money or fame. They do what they have to do, and often do it for others, disregarding their own needs. Such is the Russian common folk is. No matter the circumstances and difficulties he faces, he will keep his word, once given. He is reliable, unpretentious, honest, and humble. Selfless acts are common and expected of him. His close ones depend on him. You can rely on him, but he can rarely rely on his car, which is usually an either a poorly built one or an old one. Reliable person needs a reliable car. We elevate the everyday challenges of our everyday hero to the level of deep human drama, and we celebrate those who keep their word no matter the circumstances. As a result, VTR and CTR were 2-4 times above market norm and the average viewing time was 75%, 3 times greater than the 30” benchmark defined for video of automotive segment.


Integrated advertisement created by Fuel, Russia for Lada Granta, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Fuel, Moscow, Russian Federation
Music Composer: Timur Aminov
Producer: Anna Shimanogova
Director / DOP: Marat Adelshin
Production House: Bazelevs
Producer: Oksana Kondratieva
Senior Account Manager: Ksenia Fomenko
Client Service Director: Olga Frolova
Associate Creative Director: Mike Gibson
Creative Group Head: Dmitry Yanin
Strategic Planning Director: Dmitry Ulyanov
Chief Creative Officer: Denis Koutylov
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