Defy the Laws of Psoriasis

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May 2019


Psoriasis is a disease of burdens. Patients are weighed down by treatment schedules and side effects, while dermatologists invest significant time with spotty success. These were considered some of the unwritten laws of psoriasis until ILUMYATM broke all the rules. Patients and dermatologists can now live without the weight of psoriasis treatment holding them down. To bring this to life, we portrayed patients literally breaking free from the “Laws of Gravity/Psoriasis.” Executional details take the imagery further: the website exemplifies burdens lifting by scrolling from bottom to top, and the augmented reality experience allows dermatologists to interact with floating imagery.

Integrated advertisement created by CDM Princeton, United States for Ilumya, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: CDM Princeton, Princeton, USA
Creative Director: Debra Polkes
Art Director: Jill Peebles
Associate Creative Director: John England
Copywriters: Katie Sisco, Dave Cholish, Dana Doviak
Photographer: Julia Fullerton-Batten
Art Supervisor: Jill Peebles
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