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November 2020


Brazilians waste 26.3 million tons of food every year. In the supermarket sector alone, almost 7 billion reais of food are thrown away, according to a survey by the Department of Economics and Research of ABRAS, Brazilian Association of Supermarkets, of 2019 - but the total amount is much higher.
In order to take this information to Brazilians, the agency CP + B Brasil created Wasta.ge S/A, a fictitious company that earns these 7 billion reais, with exponential growth and increased earnings in different sectors, such as 55% only in fruits, 25% in cereals and 33% in fish.
Wast.age is the centerpiece of the integrated campaign created by CP + B for Gastromotiva, a social organization that combats hunger and uses food as a tool for social transformation. In addition to a film, digital pieces and other actions, the company will have a partnership with Sony's Shark Tank tv show.

Integrated advertisement created by CP+B, Brazil for Gastromotiva, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: CP+B, São Paulo, Brazil
Cco: André Kassu, Marcos Medeiros
Creative Director: Marcelo Rizério
Creatives: Giovani Baggio, Marlus Lau
Planning: Luana Azeredo, Lucas Madeira, José Diniz, Paula Baião
Account: Renata Wirthmann, Maria Fernanda Papaleo, Isabella Garcia
Projects: Nathalia Beividas, Paola Kinder
Media: Rodrigo Medeiros, Victor Berto, Vitor Botelho
Client Approval: David Hertz, Julia Dannemann, Clarisse Ivo, Milena Villanova
Producers: Ana Casagrande, Gisele Cordeiro
Production Company: Central Content
Director: Andre Lion
Executive Producers: Andre Lion, Ludmila Stempniewski
Production Director: Marcelo Ramos
Producer Service: Ludmila Stempniewski
Director Of Photography: Felipe Lion
Art Direction: Miwa Shimosakai
Editing: Andre Lion, Enio Vital
Color: David Queiroz / Bleach Color Grading
Finishing: Central Content
Post Coordination: Max Laux
Audio Production: Blend Audio
Music Production: Renan Corso, Flavio Marchesin
Mixing: Renan Corso, Flavio Marchesin
Executive Production: Edu Bernardo
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