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February 2019


In recent years, Latin American movement, especially LGBTQ and feminists, began to denounce that the Spanish language was sexist. The grammatical rule of these language, unlike other languages ​​in the world, indicates that words in the plural are always masculine, leaving out the other genres involved in mixed groups of individuals. These movements began to promote the use of gender neutral Spanish, generating a broad debate in the whole society.

In this context, FOX Premium would launch the new series "Pose", composed of more than 120 transgender actors and actresses. In this way, when subtitling the series, the brand decided to do so in the Spanish that included them all. We worked side by side with LGBTQ and feminist associations that promoted neutral language in order to change that grammatical rule of Spanish, analyzing the groups characters scene by scene. In groups of male characters, they were "todos"; in groups of female characters, they were "todas"; but in groups of mixed individuals (women and men, cisgender and / or transgender), they were "todes”.

The idea positioned FOX Premium as the first television and streaming brand to support neutral language, generating wide acceptance among its target and minorities and great visibility in the big Spanish-language newspapers and news. This decision ignited the debate on gender diversity throughout Latin America, naming "Pose" as the first series to dare to change the rules of Spanish.

Integrated advertisement created by Astillero, Argentina for FX Networks, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Astillero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Advertiser: FOX Networks Group Latin America
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