The catastrophic brief

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February 2021
Evcat Himaya: The catastrophic brief
Evcat Himaya Integrated Ad - The catastrophic brief


in 2018, Moroccan Parliament passed a law to create compulsory disaster insurance that would affect insured home and car owners. Moroccan citizens were very angry at this new apparent tax, and saw disasters as the will of God: they were fatalistic about it. The measure took effect in January 2020. The strategy was to transform the digital hubbub of anger and frustration created by the launch of this compulsory insurance into a social experiment to make Moroccans realize that it is not about a comment, a like, a dislike on social network: it was about events that affect real people, in real life.Will very real and tragic human experience be enough to persuade very angry citizens?

For Moroccan it’s a theoretical debate, because they think it will never happen to them. So the idea was to break the theoretical debate by bringing real experience to them in a very unexpected way trough a social experiment, an open debate between citizens, among them 5 real victims that had been through what was recognized by the country as national disasters. Nobody knew at the beginning, will these real stories make them change their mind?

Integrated advertisement created by The Next Click, Morocco for Evcat Himaya, within the categories: Finance, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: The Next Click, Casablanca, Morocco
Production: Ziet Prod
Ceo: Oussama Amraoui
Hassan Rouissi: Ceo
Executive Creative Director: Quods Ouaissi
Copywriter: Manar Bikdir
Strategic Planner: Safaa El Harti
Producer: Christophe Zietara
Director: Santiago Zannou
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